Writer’s block is a hot story starring two sexy girls. Young and sexy biological woman Victoria Voxxx and star of the show hot transwoman Tori Easton. Tori recently won a best new face award at  Annual Transgender Erotica Awards. So if you didn’t recognize her that may be because she is a fresh face. Not only new tory is one beautiful addition to the transgender landscape. This time Transsfixed, part of Adulttime, has her in an awesome role of the writer with a block.

Writer’s Block the story

Writer’s block follows a short and simple stereotypical plot. Tori the sexy writer is on a schedule however she’s late. Can you believe it? She had writer’s block! Thus the title of the show. We are witnesses to this kind of cleverness too many times in porn plots but who knows maybe it would be better if it’s different or maybe it doesn’t matter since it’s only porn. Anyway, at least it has some kind of plot to bring us in the mood before cool stuff starts to happen.

Since she is obviously a very professional woman Tori decides to write a hell of what she knows best. So she summons an endless stream of inspiration from her past sexual encounters and starts writing about one of them. Luckily for us, she has chosen her lesbian experience with Victoria Voxxx her sexy co-star in this scene.

This is where things dramatically improve and these two hotties start rolling! The good news is no more acting only hot translesbian sex. Not that they were too bad at acting, we saw a lot worst. However, if I would have to choose between stumbling over non-rehearsed dialog or doing what they do best, well really tough choice.

Sex finally is really great! Girls seams to have chemistry going on, to me at least, they pass as a couple any time. Not to mention that if you are a fan of trans lesbian encounters this alone is the sweet spot and makes this episode highly watchable. Even if you are out of your favorite genre, like me, you’ll find the video “interesting” at the least.

Where to watch?

Even if you didn’t read carefully you probably guessed that Transsfixed now part of Adulttime hosts this video. If you are not already a member they offer quite a generous 3 bucks three-day trial. And a good deal for an annual subscription. Even if you are undecided about transgender porn Adulttime packs way more content in all possible genres. In other words, I know only of happy customers.

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