Game of bones is one great porn parody that came up and it hit just the right time to do so. Now when we all spined original series a few times, and we wait for prequel, common sense is to explore adult-themed “extension” to the universe. With hot and well-established adult actress Anikka Albrite as Danearis’s counterpart, nothing can really go wrong. She got Aaron Wilcoxxx as her male co-star. If you are in a hurry to check the scene right away then check out the productions web page for it and many others!

Anikka Albrite as Milf of the dragons

Anikka Albrite is hot and really gladly seen by millions! Being in the adult industry since 2011 she started in hundreds of titles with all the top productions. She has been nominated for a ton of awards and she won many of them. She is born American with a European heritage.

There are more than a couple of girls, especially amateurs, that tried to pull off the mother of dragons and failed big time. Anikka shined here if you ask me! Regarding acting, she is not very good but nobody expects to see Academy Award-winning acting techniques in porn flicks. She brings integrity into those sex scenes most girls lack. She looks incredible in that costume, believable actually, and her sex performance is top-notch like always. If you would imagine “real” Danaeris fucking all over the show this is probably what it would look like.

GAME OF BONES – SCENE 5, the story

Writers closely followed the original script and adapted it into a porn version. For porn parody, I must say this is more than enough. If they copied the original script blindly it could be copyright infringement and developing their own story would probably be an overkill. Not to mention time-consuming, we would have exactly the same kind of waiting situation as with the last seasons of the original series. And you certainly don’t want the porn parody of your favorite TV show to drag for a few years!

Now for the actual scene. It’s awesome! Anikka, as soon as she finished fighting with the dialogue, proceeded to do what she did best. You guessed steaming sex. First, she is hot in costume and a perfect match for a fantasy setting. As soon as the fun part of the scene starts and she proceeds to blow the guy you just get lost in a great performance. If you watched her before this is exactly what you would expect of her. They change a couple of carefully picked positions that showed off her body In all of its glory.

Porn site deal

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