Who is Lulu Chu?

Lulu Chu in front of step mom

Are Chinese pornstars your biggest weakness? If they still aren’t, maybe that is because you still do not know about Lulu Chu! So, who is Lulu Chu and why is she a significant name in the adult entertainment biz at only 21? Some will tell you that she is the most famous Chinese pornstar. And some call her the little princess of the porn biz. Born on January 14, 2001, Lulu Chu is a Capricorn and a very charismatic one. She is only 21 as of this writing, and she is already very famous for her steamy sex scenes on various porn sites! Did you know she was born in Wuhan, China? Now you do!

A smart girl that got educated and started doing porn!

Maybe not many are aware of this, but most pornstars are seriously smart and highly educated girls! They study law, medicine, economy, business, and whatever classy subject you can think of! But many of them are exhibitionists at heart, so they choose porn over everything else. That is exactly what Lulu Chu did! First, she graduated from her birth city, and then she started doing porn right after graduation. According to the famous Chinese pornstar, she always knew she wanted to be a model and a porn actress. She started with the porn work in 2019, so she may not be an old name like some other girls we are addicted to, but she sure is becoming a staple in the biz! And if you do not believe us, how about her 25,219,050 views on PornHub?? Lulu Chu is in the top 65 most popular adult entertainment actresses in 2022!

Who is Lulu Chu for the closest friends?

There are many things about Lulu Chu that make her very interesting to know! Here is one of them – she is bi! Lulu says she is open to both straight and gay relationships, but as long as these relationships are open!

Lulu Chu

Does that mean she finds it hard to get attached? We do not know that, but we do know that she likes reading, painting, and playing video games! Lulu says her favorite games are Assassin’s Creed and League of Legends. The sweet-looking star also admits she loves to bake and sing, but she is not very talented. Maybe singing is not her strength, but doing porn is! If that wasn’t the case, Lulu would be working for none other than the Brazzers network!

Who is Lulu Chu when she reveals her naughty side to us? You can watch her scenes on Bellesa Films, Bratty Sis, Nubiles Porn, Creepy PA, Real Dirty Videos, and the list goes on for a long time. At only 21, she already has an impressive porn portfolio – pornfolio. Unfortunately, she does not like revealing too much about her personal life, so we do not know what her next move is. We do know that she has Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans. On OnlyFans, you can send her messages and she will respond!

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